Day 4: Drawing a Day

Today I drew something like my last drawing but some different distinct line motions.

I used vine charcoal for this drawing and a references image from a dance blogger that she posted the other day. This is a rough draft but I feel can be something really strong.

This a very loose drawing of a female dancer. I am trying to figure out how to include some motion that would give it more detail.

What does everyone think? Ways to improve it?
Thanks for reading,


Day 3: Drawing a Day

Day 3 is here and this one is different today from the last two days. This is to give me more of a chance to expand and show my versatility in different types of drawings.

A little information about myself and reason I went into this type of images. I love the female form, the figure, the beauty, the curves, and the ability to show that in art is wonderful and gives everyone a way to see and enjoy the true beauty of something that many people are unaware of or that they just fail to see.

This image today is a mix of both abstract lines and a figure (not saying what type, I want my readers to see it.)



To me this was something very fun, kinda fast too. I think I spent twenty minutes on this one after I finally figured where I wanted to go with drawing today. I used just vine charcoal to create the image and blending stumps to define the lines some.

What do you think? Comments or concerns. How can it be better?

Thanks for reading,


Day 2: Drawing a Day

Today’s drawing was inspired from yesterday’s drawing with the top right corner having the square pieces in it.

With that I expanded it and included more squares and deeper shades of black and gray.

To me you can look at this in different ways and have a different image either way you look. I spent about 2 hours with planning, drawing, outlining, and shading the final image.

I used pencil, vine, and willow charcoal for shading with qtips and my fingers to blend parts plus stumps.

What does everyone think? Ways to improve this?

Thanks for reading,


Drawing a Day: Day 1

Welcome to the start of this journey into the world of art and me trying to become a better artist and to explore different types of drawings and even different mediums involved.

I spent about 2 hours on this drawing and really enjoyed the process of drawing, shading, and the final product.

The idea was to create layers on the circle and expand them with a variety of shades from pitch black to very light near white in other areas.

I used both vine and pencil charcoal, blending stumps, and graphite to create this drawing.

What does everyone think? What could be better? Always open for other artist to give me advice since I am still new to drawing and how to improve.

Thanks for reading


Drawing a Day

I know this is something that not many are fond of but honestly back in 2011-2012 I did a photo a day and it actually helped me with a ton of things as a photographer and I feel this can help me grow in drawing and enhance my skills to see where my talent is and where I can improve as an artist.

My thoughts are to start the series Friday and bring a blog post with each drawing and give my process and pictures of different parts of the image. From the start to finish.

If this starts going good and people enjoy, I might start video blogging some parts on YouTube and sharing things about myself and my art.

I am going to dedicate about two to three hours per day to draw something that is meaningful and tells a story. Some days that drawings will be small and the bases for something much larger. Other days the pieces will be big ones that show detail and stunning.

My overall goals of this project is create pieces of art that can be used to have people interested in my art and possibly build into a gallery show or art fair down the road. Right now I am doing this for me to create art that I am proud and happy with.

Thanks for reading,


Abstract Art Face Series

This is a series that came from an advertisement that I saw from a gallery in the UK and I looked at it and fell in love with the design but was noticing that it was very abstract but in a way that different then how I had seen.


My first time trying this was different but came with a little restraint and some of the people I shared the images didn’t like and gave some harsh criticism toward how they looked or came out looking.

Then I started to try it more and make them into something I enjoy drawing, shading, and finishing. With Today being the first time I created one that used color.



I am not sure where I am trying to go with this series but honestly I am very happy with how these look. They draw you in and have you go through the full image and see the different shapes, shading, depth, and overall creation to show a complex abstract that can be viewed in many different ways.

What does everyone think?

Thanks for reading


Cryptic Reality Designs


This was something I waited on doing for awhile because honestly I wanted to see if I was ready to try and show the world my creations in art.

I have always been drawn (no pun intended) to abstract art but honestly, I had a hard time finding many people who created this kind of art and that at times could be a little discouraging but also I found it to be a little exciting because I can explore and create things that might be different and something that people haven’t either seen or created.

This is new but also something I am willing to go into head first. In the great words of Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”


Thanks for reading,