Abstract Art Face Series

This is a series that came from an advertisement that I saw from a gallery in the UK and I looked at it and fell in love with the design but was noticing that it was very abstract but in a way that different then how I had seen.


My first time trying this was different but came with a little restraint and some of the people I shared the images didn’t like and gave some harsh criticism toward how they looked or came out looking.

Then I started to try it more and make them into something I enjoy drawing, shading, and finishing. With Today being the first time I created one that used color.



I am not sure where I am trying to go with this series but honestly I am very happy with how these look. They draw you in and have you go through the full image and see the different shapes, shading, depth, and overall creation to show a complex abstract that can be viewed in many different ways.

What does everyone think?

Thanks for reading



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