Drawing a Day

I know this is something that not many are fond of but honestly back in 2011-2012 I did a photo a day and it actually helped me with a ton of things as a photographer and I feel this can help me grow in drawing and enhance my skills to see where my talent is and where I can improve as an artist.

My thoughts are to start the series Friday and bring a blog post with each drawing and give my process and pictures of different parts of the image. From the start to finish.

If this starts going good and people enjoy, I might start video blogging some parts on YouTube and sharing things about myself and my art.

I am going to dedicate about two to three hours per day to draw something that is meaningful and tells a story. Some days that drawings will be small and the bases for something much larger. Other days the pieces will be big ones that show detail and stunning.

My overall goals of this project is create pieces of art that can be used to have people interested in my art and possibly build into a gallery show or art fair down the road. Right now I am doing this for me to create art that I am proud and happy with.

Thanks for reading,



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