Day 3: Drawing a Day

Day 3 is here and this one is different today from the last two days. This is to give me more of a chance to expand and show my versatility in different types of drawings.

A little information about myself and reason I went into this type of images. I love the female form, the figure, the beauty, the curves, and the ability to show that in art is wonderful and gives everyone a way to see and enjoy the true beauty of something that many people are unaware of or that they just fail to see.

This image today is a mix of both abstract lines and a figure (not saying what type, I want my readers to see it.)



To me this was something very fun, kinda fast too. I think I spent twenty minutes on this one after I finally figured where I wanted to go with drawing today. I used just vine charcoal to create the image and blending stumps to define the lines some.

What do you think? Comments or concerns. How can it be better?

Thanks for reading,



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